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Food Processing

Designing, modifying, repairing and manufacturing components for processing and packaging equipment IGO.Tech is known as a reliable business partner. With our knowledge and experience we help to our customers increase processing machinery productivity and to prolong time of its usage.
To solve our customers' production problems
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And finding the source of the problem
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We make reverse design of machine components, recommend the best choice of material and manufacture new parts.
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Our expertise is manufacturing sets of sealing and cutting tools for tray sealers.
If some time ago you purchased tray sealer for one of your projects, and if the shape of containers had been changed, it is not necessary to buy another whole machine. IGO.Tech can design and assemble set of sealing tools to required shape and size of container to use it on existing machine.

Example 1

Set of tools for one nest tray sealing machine
SealMax set

Example 2

Set of tools for double nest tray sealing machine
PAO double set
IGO.Tech provides whole range of design services, preparing computer models and drawings, ready for manufacturing from customers' samples or sketches.
Design package may include reverse design, CAD files, production drawings, 3D model and digital images of product you can use in marketing even before starting full volume production.

Manufacturing from Sample

Manufacturing from Sketch